Matupi Pastor Pa Ralhrang Nih An Thah

Matupi Pastor SAC Ralhrang Hremnak in a Nunnak a Liam
Matupi peng, Ngalai khuate ah Pathian rian a ttuanmi Pastor Ngai Kung cu a nunnak a liam cang, tiah SAC ralhrang nih chungkhar thawng an thanh hna.

“Pastor pa a thi cang tiah ralkap nih chungkhar an thanh hna. Zei ruang ah a thih timi zong theih a si lo. A ruak an pek hna lai le pek lai lo zong kan fiang lo,” tiah khuami pakhat nih Khit Thit Media ah a chim.

Aluancia September 23 ah khan Pastor Ngai Kung le khuami cheukhat cu SAC ralhrang nih an rak tlaih hna i khuami cheukhat an thlah hna nain Pastor Ngai Kung hi thlah loin an hren.

Thla hnih dengmang SAC ralhrang nih an hren hnu ah a thi cang tiah chungkhar thawng an thanh hna hi a si.

Crd: The Chin Journal

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